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Bear Pride

At Chandler Intermediate, we have a positive behavior incentive program called Bear Pride.  We hope that this program will encourage students to attend school and be responsible for their grades and actions. By doing this, we want to reward students with a fun-filled trip during a school day at the end of each 9 weeks. Qualifications for the Bear Pride trips start over after each 9 weeks (except the fundraiser qualification). It is a one-time event that is good for all 4 trips. We have set very clear expectations on how to qualify for these events. Please see below the qualifications to be eligible for the Bear Pride Trips:

  1. Participation in the Bear Pride fundraiser (August and September)
  2. No lunch detentions
  3. Passing all classes
  4. No zeroes
  5. No tardies
  6. No outstanding fines
  7. No ISS or office referrals
  8. No more than 1 unexcused absences
  9. No more than 1 leave early or late arrival
  10. Excused absences must have a Doctor's note

Downloadable List

CIS students posing for a picture at Dallas Cowboy Stadium
CIS Bear Pride Trip to AT&T Stadium