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Hello!  My name is Mrs. Cawthon.  I have been a teacher for 24 years.  I have taught most of those years in BISD.  During my career, I have taught First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, and Reading Intervention.  I am very excited to bring my experience and Reading expertise to the Dyslexia Classroom.
Did you know that 1 in 5 people have Dyslexia?  Did you know that Dyslexic students have many strengths like creativity, critical thinking, persistence, and high oral comprehension?  In our Dyslexia classroom, it will be my goal to be a resource to students and parents.  It will be my goal to help students draw on their huge wealth of strengths, and to provide them with knowledge and skills that will support their reading and writing journeys.
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Lara Cawthon
Dyslexia Teacher