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Book Bears- Top AR Readers in each Class

The Book Bears program is new at Chandler Elementary School. It honors those students who are the top AR (Accelerated Reader) students in their classroom. Students read books and then take quizzes over the information they read. They earn points for every quiz they pass. Each nine-weeks the total number of points for each student is calculated and the top Book Bear is honored.

During the first nine-week period the following students were honored: Michael McLeod, Brady Miller, Colten Tidwell, Zoey Hinton, Tanner Ackerman, Jerry Draper, Jacob Hopson, Molly Hodge, Ambreanna Johnson, Savannah Stroud, Milana Morris, Jorge Gutierrez, Shiloh McGhee, Hudson Childers, Kinslee Dowdle, Michael Lawrence, Braxden White, Micha Strickland, Rhiannon Gilliam, Payton Richardson, D. J. Tisdale, Amber Morris, and Payton Stephenson.

Second Nine- Week Book Bears

Kindergarten: Connor McLean, Dawson Skaggs, Hunter Snyder, Caiden Conklin, Zoey Hinton

First Grade: Braxden White, Skylar Harris, Dixie Hampe, Micha Strickland, Peyton Thompson, Jerry Draper

Second Grade: Lindsay Leach, Adison Plazek, D. J. Tisdale, Michael McLeod, Aden Blott

Third Grade: Michael Lawrence, Justus Royce, Cole Bradshaw, Will Clague, Nolan Brimingham

Third Nine-Week Book Bears

KINDERGARTEN- Zoey Hinton, Alejandro Garcia, Aislyn Rogers, Rhiannon Gilliam

FIRST GRADE-Dixie Hampe, Lillian Young, Abigayle Blott, Milana Morris, Riley Smith, Micha Strickland

SECOND GRADE-Candice Dilleshaw, Aden Blott, Hannah Cowart, Alysa Sharp, D. J. Tisdale

THIRD GRADE: Cole Bradshaw, Elijah Norris, Michael Lawrence, Hannah Foster, Lloyd Ghant